A nice realization

If you’re close enough to me (or see me on a regular basis) you’ve probably noticed that I have horrible back pain.

And I say that you’ve noticed because I constantly adjust my position when sitting and roll my shoulders around to release some of the discomfort. It’s something that, for years, has left me frustrated and embarrassed.

However, after committing to and getting back into a daily yoga practice here, lately I haven’t noticed that much back pain. YES!

Source bl-on-de.tumblr.com

Now, I presume there are several reasons for this:

1. Yoga stretches my back muscles and other muscles that typically don’t get that much lovin’ on a daily basis.

2. Yoga also strengthens those muscles, giving me a bit more support in my back.

3. Yoga makes me feel so good and happy, maybe I’ve just been too cheerful to notice the pain! (this one is still up for scientific debate)

Considering I go to school and work a desk job every day, I’m not surprised that my back pain has gotten worse in the past few years. But now that I’m feeling some relief, I’m remembering the importance of undoing all of the sitting I do all day through asanas in yoga.

Source liftyourvibration.tumblr.com

So, basically, I’m feelin’ good these days.

And I hope you are too.


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