T-4 weeks ’til I set sail…

Well, not literally set sail. But I will indeed be flying, in 4 weeks, to Argentina.

Yep. I bought my plane ticket a few weeks ago, and it still hasn’t really sunk in that this trip is actually happening. 6 months of teaching English and exploring South America. No turning back now.

I’ve begun to organize my plans (and I use “plans” very loosely) for my month in Buenos Aires, and I’m freakin’ out because my sister, yes THE Caitie Garcia, will be drinking wine/tango dancin’/gallavanting all over the city with me for the first 10 days of my trip!

We’re graduated and ready to take on ze world!

We’ve never traveled alone, just us two, so I’m eager to see what it will be like. Those who know us know how different we are! All differences aside, I know we’re going to have the best time exploring a foreign city together.

So far, I haven’t secured an apartment for us to stay in yet, but it looks like we will be staying in either Recoleta, Belgrano or Palermo, all great neighborhoods in their own ways.

I’ve been researching places to go, things to eat, etc. and so far the top things on my to-do list are as follows:

-Visit the famous Recoleta Cemetery, which is very similar to Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris that I visited in 2011. Each tombstone is different from the next, some large and elaborate while others more modest. You could spend all day there visiting the graves of famous Argentine people, like past presidents and Nobel Prize winners.

Recoleta Cemetery (Source)

-Eat at a “closed-door restaurant”. The name is ironic because it’s an experience that is open to anyone and everyone! Basically, you make a reservation to attend a dinner at someone’s house. But it’s not just any dinner–they typically have 5 courses, with wine pairings for each course as well as a welcome cocktail when you arrive and dessert before you leave. They usually permit only about 10 people per dinner, and since you all share a dinner table it’s a great way to meet people from all over!

-Watch a Boca Juniors futbol game at La Bombonera. Since the season will be coming to a close for winter break around the time I arrive, there is only 1 match that I’ll be able to make it to until Spring comes around!

La Bombonera (Source)

Aside from spending time in BA, I’m hoping we can make a trip out to the countryside at least once to ride horses and eat barbecue like real gauchos.

But, there is still more planning to be done. For one, I need a bigger pack. My precious Osprey Viva 50 probably wont be big enough to pack for 6 months.

Throwback to me last summer with my pack
Throwback to me last summer with my pack. I need something a liiiiiiittle bigger.

I also need a warm/light winter jacket and 2 South American visas, one for Argentina and one for Brazil since I’m hoping to spend a week in December lying on the beach in Ipanema.

I’m sure I’ll (eventually) get it all done, but right now I’m just trying to focus on soaking in these last few weeks with my family and friends.

After all, we’ve still got quite a lot of river tubing, beer drinking, late night dancing, greenbelt hiking, Tex-Mex eating and belly laughing to do before I leave.

The countdown is on, people!


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