Argentina: From Buenos Aires to Serrano

Let me take this time to first tell you that no, I’m not dead–I just haven’t been the best blogger this month.

And the reason for this (other than pure laziness) is the fact that I’ve been having the time of my life in Buenos Aires! What a great city full of culture, delicious food and of course so much fun. In fact, I had so much fun one night at a boliche, that my precious iPhone was snatched right out of my pocket! Rookie mistake.

One of my most favorite things to do in Buenos Aires–go to La Bomba de Tiempo.

BUT, even the nastiest of robbers couldn’t tarnish my view of Buenos Aires. I’m telling you–I could definitely see myself living there. Each neighborhood has something unique to offer, but my favorite was Palermo Soho, which is where I stayed during my month there.

It’s a very young area, with tons of bars, boliches, restaurants and cute little shops on almost every corner. I stayed at a hostel, Borges Hostel, which easily is my most favorite hostel I’ve ever stayed in.


The building itself is wonderful and homey–it just felt like I was in a friend’s house the whole time. The employees there were the zaniest, sweetest people ever! Very bohemian, always playing the best music in the lobby and dancing. They were always down to hang out with me and my group, and drink a few beers on the back patio together. *sigh*

Our beloved patio at Borges.
Our beloved patio at Borges.

NOW….I’m finally in Serrano, a small small town (~4000 people) in the Cordoba province of Argentina. This is where I will be until December, teaching english in the primary and secondary schools in the town. I arrived a week ago and already am in love with the town and more so the people! Everyone has been so so so welcoming and helpful, and are sure to always offer me maté and help with anything I may need.

Me drinking probably my 5000th cup of maté since being in Argentina <3
Me drinking probably my 5000th cup of maté since being in Argentina ❤

Though it’s only been a week, I’m convinced that I could not have been placed with a better host family for my stay here–the Chanferonis. I love them so much already! Aside from being semi-famous in the town, they are kind, funny and love to travel! Definitely my kind of people. In fact, this weekend we headed to their house in Rio Cuarto to spend time with their daughters, Agos and Sofi, and son, Juan. (I’ll tell more about this later.)

Not pictured: Agos y Juan (lo siento!!!)
CHANFERONIS! Not pictured: Agos y Juan (lo siento!!!)

They’ve been so warm and welcoming to me this past week and gave me my own room in their home, the walls decorated with vintage photos of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley. If you know me then you know I freaked out when I saw this because those are some of my most faaaaavorite musicians! What a first impression of the family.

I have so much to look forward to here in Serrano. Aside from teaching (something I’ve never done before), I’ve been speaking so. much. spanish. and have already been invited to various outings/get-togethers with the town people.

Some upcoming things I’m constantly daydreaming about here include a 3-day hiking/camping trip in the mountains with the high school seniors and also a Chanferoni family ski trip to Mendoza in 2 weeks (!!!)

Argentina has been treatin’ me well, folks. Y por eso, estoy muuuuy contenta.


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