¡D r e a m i n g in Spanish!

Last weekend, while in Rio Cuarto, I dreamt…in Spanish!

I’m still unsure if this is actually the first time I’ve ever done so, but it for sure is the first time that I can actually remember vividly. I was so excited that I actually woke up smiling.

I don’t recall what exactly was happening in the dream–the entire conversation, where exactly I was–but I recall me and my host-mother, Maria Andrea, having a conversation in Spanish. And I remember it feeling quite comfortable.


It’s hotly debated whether dreaming in a foreign language is an actual sign of fluency, or if it is related to one’s ability to acquire a foreign language quicker or more effectively. I certainly don’t consider myself fluent in Spanish (yet) but since I’m surrounded by Spanish all day, everyday, there are a lot of words/phrases/etc. that my brain is absorbing.

Some of that information I consciously retain (ex. Adding “re” before a Spanish adjective is like adding “really” or “very” before an English adjective). Other information I may have heard once or twice and still have trouble remembering in conversation.

Perhaps, as suggested here, dreaming in Spanish is my brain’s way of “working out” all of that information that my conscious mind could not fully absorb or retain.


Whether it means something or not, I’m not surprised that this finally occurred. With only a few people (like 3 or 4) here who know basic English, I am forced to practicepracticepractice my Spanish everywhere I go. Sometimes I even catch myself thinking in Spanish! And for that I’m so grateful.

Have you ever dreamt in another language? For all those bilingual people out there, do you sometimes dream in both? Which is more frequent?


One thought on “¡D r e a m i n g in Spanish!

  1. Hey Cami! So glad you’re enjoying your placement =D I’m having a blast too! And yes, I do dream in Spanish sometimes!! It’s really weird and sometimes I don’t even realize that it was in Spanish until I try to tell someone what was going on and I have to translate lol it’s a strange feeling. I love reading your blog! Keep on keepin on 😉


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