My Mind in Argentina (pt. 1)

Below are some (random) thoughts and realizations I’ve had while being in Argentina so far:

  1. Breakfast tacos are apparently really weird–Like almost unfathomable. I knew there would be obvious differences in diet between Argentines and Texans, but when I told my students that my favorite breakfast food was tacos they couldn’t have looked more disgusted/weirded out/confused. You mean you don’t wake up every morning craving a warm bean and cheese taco with a sweet tea on the side? Que extrañoooooooo.
  2. All people from the U.S. are known as “Yankees”–Yep. Even those of us who come from the South.
  3. Everyone should be able to come home for lunch–Here, everyone gets to come home for lunch (which is a home-cooked meal) with their families. In my case, my host mom, sister and I have a break from school and my host dad comes home from the campo (farm) so we can all eat together. And there’s usually time afterward for a siesta too! How nice, right?
  4. Eating dinner before 9pm is seen as just absurd–Apparently we’re doing it wrong, USA. Similar to the breakfast taco situation, when I tell people that I’m used to eating dinner around 6pm or 7pm (at the latest) I’m met with weird looks and even gasps. Yes–gasps! It’s been a bit of an adjustment eating dinner much later. At first my stomach would screeeeeam with hunger around 6pm, unable to be fully satisfied except for an empanada or maybe a media luna. But, after almost 2 months here (woah!), I think I’ve finally got a handle on it.
  5. “Too much maté” does not exist–Maté is a tea that basically everyone in Argentina drinks. I love the taste but even more so the ritual of drinking it; it’s meant to be shared among a group of people (everyone drinks from the same straw). Whenever you go to someone’s house, you are offered maté. My first night in Argentina was spent drinking maté and my first day here in Serrano I probably drank 10-15 cups before dinner!
  6. Bread is an everyday staple–This…this has been a struggle for me, because when I say staple I mean it’s at every single meal, in abundance! You would never think so because the people here are generally very thin. At first I would watch my host family eateateat bread and think to myself “Huh, if they can eat a lot of bread and not gain weight, maybe I can too.” I’ve now realized what a naive assumption that was (haha) and have limited myself to only eating bread at one meal a day. (#myMexicangenescanthandlebread)
  7. I really freaking miss breakfast tacos–And Chick-Fil-A. And Whataburger. Not to mention a margarita from Gloria’s. I remind myself daily that it’s a small price to pay for having the time of my life here. But sometimes you can’t beat the craving. (I had an extensive dream about eating tacos at Las Palapas last night #help #plzsendtacos).

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